How long does cardboard furniture live?

According to customer statements and the STANGE DESIGN team's own experiences, the cardboard beds and other furniture can last more than 10 years. As with all furniture, the level of stress also plays a role in the lifespan of cardboard furniture.
All cardboard furniture can be dismantled and reassembled several times, e.g. for a move.
If individual parts are lost or damaged on other occasions, they can be replaced provided the furniture is still on the offer list.

How durable is cardboard furniture?

The cardboard bed has passed multiple tests with more than 20 people standing on the bed - depending on how many have space. The MAKS cardboard stool withstood a static load of 1000 kg in the stacking compression test.
Generell sind unsere Möbel durch sichere Konstruktion und hohe Materialqualität ihren Zwecken mehr als gewachsen, allerdings ist nicht jedes Regal zum Draufsetzen gemacht.

Lackierte Pappe mit einem Tropfen Wasser

How do I protect the surfaces?

All visible surfaces of the cardboard furniture can be treated with commercially available paints to protect them from dirt and moisture.
Commercial water-soluble acrylic paints, but also synthetic resin paints can be used for this.
Drawers or boxes in white are made of a material whose cover paper web has been painted and overprinted at the factory. A water-soluble acrylic paint required for the recycling process is used for this. The same also applies to colored corrugated cardboard. Plexiglas cuts or molded parts, which appear in our list of accessories, are also suitable for table and other support surfaces. Glass plates cannot be sent by us, but can be ordered for collection in the Berlin shop.

Pappe und Feuchtigkeit

How does it react to moisture?

Corrugated board is a wood product and reacts hygroscopically. It absorbs moisture from the air (e.g. in permanently damp cellars) and releases it again (e.g. in winter in very dry heating air). Standing moisture softens the material in the contact area, but dusting with a well wrung-out cloth is not a problem, even on the natural brown materials. Therefore: strong moisture combined with stress: NO Use of the cardboard furniture in the kitchen and bathroom, but protect it from splashing water: YES

Pappe und Feuer

How heat and fire sensitive is cardboard furniture?

The following applies to all STANGE DESIGN corrugated cardboard items: they are about as easily or hardly flammable as untreated thin wooden panels. The material is not flame retardant and does not correspond to any fire protection class. However, it is possible to impregnate the material for exhibition purposes and get a certificate for it.

How can I design the surface?

Watercolors, wax crayons, dispersion paints (e.g. Plaka paints), pasting with paper, photos or foils, etc.

Is cardboard furniture really that eco-friendly?

The materials we use consist of 60-80% waste paper, the rest fresh fibers ensure high stability. The products are 100% recyclable, adhesives and any painted surfaces are not excluded. Our production residues also flow back into the paper cycle.

Will the furniture survive my cat?

We get so many questions about cats: “Mine would tear that apart in a heartbeat!”​​​​​​​​
Our answer: is a matter of taste.​​​​​​​
We've had cardboard furniture and cats in the house for 40 years and never been scratched. Is it because they could always get out? No idea. In any case, they didn't give a damn about cardboard. Unless you can sleep on it.​​​​​​​

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