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STANGE DESIGN creates extraordinary furniture made of cardboard - since 1985.
We design, develop and produce the new generation of furniture under one roof. It all started with a stool that Hans-Peter Stange designed from corrugated cardboard and has now grown into a comprehensive range. Our cardboard furniture is sustainable, made from recycled materials from local, FSC-certified manufacturers and is 100% recyclable.
In 1979, Hans-Peter Stange developed the first cardboard stool for the diploma thesis in the industrial design course at the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin. The first steps towards independence were taken together with Ms. Mechtild Kotzurek-Stange, on their own initiative.

Hans-Peter Stange and Mechtild Kotzurek-Stange with the first stools, 1979

Prospekt, 1991

The idea: light, foldable furniture, everything from beds, tables, chairs and shelves. They are quick to set up, easy to send and transport, changeable and recyclable, while being extremely stable, durable and ideal for the mobile and environmentally conscious lifestyle and low budget.
The pidea is highly sustainable: the use of resources in the production of corrugated cardboard is lower than with the usual materials such as metal, plastic and composite materials and has low CO2 emissions. The furniture is easy to transport because it is light, folded and space-saving.

Prospekt, 1991

The material we use is recycled and recyclable, it is made from 80-90% post-consumer waste paper with a small percentage of virgin fiber for stability. We work with suppliers who produce FSC certified materials. We produce in-house to avoid additional transport. Cardboard is becoming more and more popular in the furniture sector, many have been inspired by us and follow the trend with start-ups - the market is growing. STANGE DESIGN has done the pioneering work for this in 30 years of company history.

The Stange Design team has been developing and producing cardboard furniture for almost 30 years.
However, corrugated board was developed much longer ago. In 1871, the American Albert L. Jones, inspired by the pleated fabrics used in women's fashion, received a patent for his idea of ​​corrugating paper webs and thus achieving greater stability with the same amount of material. In 1874, fellow countryman Oliver Long perfected this idea by gluing one or two smooth sheets of paper onto the corrugated sheet.
This new material was ideally suited to meet the need for packaging that began at the beginning of industrialization. The materials previously used for paper production, such as woolen rags, linseed and hemp, were now replaced by groundwood. The cover strips are made of fresh fiber paper, which has a longer service life. The paper webs are glued with a starch glue made from e.g. corn or potatoes.

Patent für Wellpappe

Hans-Peter Stange, Mechtild Kotzurek-Stange and Uwe Steinmeier with the Giant Sofa, 1979

Both natural and colored corrugated cardboard are 100% recyclable and after use (like production waste) are returned to a well-established recycling process.
The restriction to the function creates a design object of timeless aesthetics that anyone can erect without tools or machines - and can design according to their own ideas using common means. The cardboard furniture is provisional in a positive sense: After use, it can be stored to save space and reassembled several times. It's changeable. And you can part with it without regret: the material can be 100% recycled and turned back into new paper, corrugated cardboard and new stools in the production cycle.

The specific, static properties of the corrugated board are used optimally in combination with a sophisticated but easy-to-understand folding construction: With the raw material weight of only 1kg, a load capacity of up to 1000 times is achieved. From the surface to the room: The simple plug-in and fold principle creates a spatial body from two flat blanks: This saves space and makes mobility possible: in just a few hours, stools are produced, transported and set up in an event hall.
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