Wardrobe ADAM RIESE white


  • rectangular wardrobe made of very strong corrugated cardboard quality
  • also carries heavy coats
  • proven construction with high dimensional stability
  • easy set up

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The simplest things are the best: 4 flat cardboard blanks are folded together to form a wardrobe. The forms are clear, the clothes are at hand and the weight is minimal.

ADAM RIESE is a wardrobe that not only frames clothing, but also one that can be easily moved or quickly dismantled for transport. The construction makes the cardboard wardrobe so stable that even heavy winter coats can be held in it.

ADAM RIESE is one of our cardboard classics and has been popular for over 20 years.

A shipping package contains 4 cuts in lengths of 170 and 85 cm, and 1 wooden pole and of course the assembly instructions.

Maße: B 85 x H 170 x T 40 cm

Paketmaße: 175 x 53 x 10 cm | 8,5 kg

Pickup Price: € 99,50


175 x 53 x 10 cm


8,5 kg

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