Bed DREAM 90


The DREAM cardboard bed has been tried and tested since 1989. It is stable, durable and easy to move.

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Proven for 30 years - and now improved

The cardboard bed is more than a temporary solution: stability and durability are achieved through a sensible plug-in construction (without metal and plastic connections) and a particularly strong double corrugated cardboard. Repeated assembly and disassembly is possible, the service life is up to 10 years according to customer information. The cardboard bed easily carries even heavy sleepers.

Now Improved

  • More stability and stability for the support legs. Each support leg now forms a closed, torsion-free body.
  • Visual improvement with smooth fronts at the head and foot end
  • Bed boxes can be pushed in unhindered
  • Easy Set Up
  • Total height 33 cm instead of 30 cm before


  • Length 200cm
  • Breite 90 cm
  • Height 33 cm
  • Package dimensions: L 104 x W 59 x H 16 cm, 13.2 kg (The profiles are gently folded in the middle for shipping)

Included in the package:

  • 5 support legs
  • 3 inner profile parts
  • 2 external profile parts (rails)

Bed boxes are not included in the package and can be ordered individually.


L 104 x B 59 x H 16 cm, 13,2 kg (Die Profile werden für den Versand in der Mitte schonend gefaltet)

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