Stellwand PIN POINT Classic weiß Doppelpack


Our white cardboard partitions are particularly stable and durable. They can also be used on both sides. In addition, they are easy to transport and quick to set up. The simple construction saves you time and energy.
After an event, you can quickly dismantle the partition again. You can then store it away until your next appointment.

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Practical & stable

Meetings, presentations, lively learning and creative team work: the PIN POINT partition wall has proven itself in many areas.
As a moderation wall, PIN POINT makes your work easy. Conducting meetings and discussions, organizing lively learning, and working creatively in a team become much more effective with PIN POINT. The simple structure saves time and energy, and content can be clearly communicated over a large area. Our cardboard partition walls are particularly stable, durable, can be used on both sides, are easy to transport and can be put together quickly.

Package Content

The offer includes 2 partition walls, which are sent in 2 packages.

A presentation wall consists of three parts:

  • 1 Board
  • 2 legs
  • There are also 2 screws to securely connect the board to the feet.


  1. The board is unfolded and placed on its side
  2. The first triangular leg is inserted into the board and fixed with 2 screws
  3. The wall is placed on the other side and the second support leg is inserted and secured with the screws.
  4. The wall can now be used.

After training or further education, the moderation board can be quickly dismantled and stowed away until the next appointment.


Dimensions of the complete wall: W 126 cm x H 190 cm x D 54 cm
Tafel: B 122cm x H 150 cm

Package Dimensions

Package 1: 150 x 56 x 10 cm – 11 kg
Package 2: 127 x 77 x 8 cm – 9 kg

Abholpreis: € 169,60


Package 1: 150 x 56 x 10 cm – 11 kg
Paket 2: 126 x 76,5 x 8 cm – 9 kg

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