Movable Wall PIN POINT XL Classic white


The extra large partition wall in white for moderation, meetings, seminars, presentations
Stable, durable and easy to transport
Width 195 x Height 150 cm

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The partition wall in XL format: for moderation, meetings, seminars and discussions, for presentations and documentation, for trade fairs, museums and events, for schools, universities and companies.

PinPoint Classic XL is: particularly stable; resistant to frequent needle sticks; Can be used on both sides and quickly assembled from three parts; Locking is only done using 2 included flat head metal screws with washers.

Shipping by courier
Dimensions of board: Width 195 x Height 150 cm

( A board width of up to 2.20m is possible - if you would like a width wider than 195cm, please contact us! )


203 x 154 x 6 cm, 17 kg

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